At W&T Offshore, Inc. and its subsidiaries (“W&T” or the “Company”), we are committed to developing and producing oil and gas resources in a safe and environmentally responsible manner and in compliance with all regulatory requirements.  In doing this, we strive for “zero” harm to people and to the environment.  

Everyone who works for W&T (as an employee or contractor) is responsible for W&T’s health, safety, environmental and regulatory (HSE&R) behavior, actions, practices and performance.  Our HSE&R behaviors, actions, practices and performance are instrumental aspects in the success of our Company. W&T is committed to a “culture of compliance.”   The observance of all health, safety and environmental plans, programs, permits, reports, policies and procedures is mandatory.  Failure to observe may result in disciplinary actions up to and including termination.

W&T management  provides the programs, processes and systems so that key aspects of our business are appropriately and effectively implemented and maintained (including HSE&R communication, emergency response, disaster planning, management of change, hazard analysis and communication, safe-work practices, operating procedures, incident investigations, dealing with unsafe conditions/acts, training and learning, etc.).

W&T management allocates resources and tools necessary to meet expectations and performance objectives and strives to create a working environment that encourages open communication about HSE&R issues and concerns.

Company leaders (including Managers, Supervisors, Foreman and Persons-In-Charge) are each responsible for establishing positive HSE&R behavior through their individual work actions and through leadership of employees and contractors.  The Company leaders are expected to communicate and engage employees and contractors on HSE&R programs, issues and expectations.