At W&T, we recognize that our employees and contractors are very important to our business success.  We conduct our business activities in a manner that provides for a safe and healthy workplace, protection of the environment, minimization and/or prevention of pollution as well as compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. 

In doing this, at W&T we strive to:

  • Identify, quantify and appropriately manage HSE&R risk.
  • Provide HSE&R awareness (including job safety awareness and hazard recognition) to our employees and contractors through a comprehensive program of education, training and lessons-learned.
  • Embrace the reality that HSE&R actions and behaviors are the individual and collective responsibility of management, employees and contractors.
  • Share HSE&R responsibility and accountability with W&T’s employees and contractors.
  • Fully expect W&T personnel (particularly Managers, Supervisors, Foreman and Persons-in-Charge) to lead HSE&R program efforts and behavior in a manner that supports this policy statement.
  • Implement procedures and processes throughout the organization with emphasis on planning, doing, checking and adjusting (when appropriate).
  • Provide W&T’s employees and contractors with delegated Stop-Work Authority.  Personnel are expected to use sound judgment in exercising this authority.
  • Ensure “zero” harm to people and to the environment.
  • Maintain the established procedure (and anonymous mechanisms including a telephone hotline), that enables any employee or contractor or any other person to register (without fear of retaliation) complaints or concerns about the Company’s conduct or activities or that of any employee or contractor of the Company as well as any suspected unreported or unlogged environmental violations.  
  • Continue to improve HSE&R program through lesson-learned situations as well as through performance evaluations and bench-mark analysis.
  • Monitor and reward HSE&R performance (through leading and lagging indicator metrics).
  • Recognize and embrace the fact that HSE&R values are important to W&T’s success.